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館長:宮平保先生 / 総師範:宋麗先生を中心に天行健中国武術館の活動を紹介

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【戈+止=武】 【arms(dispute) +cease=武(martial-arts)】  宮平保 TAMOTSU MIYAHIRA.
I teach Chinese martial arts to many students every day.
In this martial art, there is a Chinese character called Wu.
The meaning of this character is "to hold the spear".
which means "to keep the spear in place".
A spear is a weapon.
Weapons equal fighting, or war.
In the smallest case, a fight between individuals...
This is a battle.
This fight, this weapon, has the character for stop.
The martial art I am practising is...
I am not talking about fighting, advancing, advancing, advancing.
It is not about
Violence, violence that happens to you.
It means to stop the violence that is coming at you.
On the other hand, I can persuade people to fight against the violence
If we persuade them with words
If you can persuade the other person to stop this violence
That would be the best.
For example, even if it is a private fight, if the other party comes at you...
No matter how much we try to persuade the other person
the other person won't listen.
There are cases where the other party attacks you.
So how do you stop the fight?
One thing you need is the skill to control your opponent.
More specifically, you need to know why they are fighting you.
I think it's because they think they can beat us.
So you need to be able to make them think that they can't fight you.
You need something to make them think that they can't fight you.
That is the martial arts.

【オンライン道場 概要】

▶︎県外・海外、遠方からでも学べる (海外対応については準備中)

入門コース・技術コース 共に 5,500円(税込)

【こんな方にオススメ】 沖縄は遠くて通えない…それでも基礎から学び昇級試験を受ける事のできる正式門下生として学びたい… (昇級過程において査拳、八極拳…等、型の修得と合わせて技術修得…希望があれば指導員資格取得を目指せます)

【こんな方にオススメ】 既に他の武術、武道、格闘技団体に所属されていて門下生にはなれないが宮平先生の武術を参考に学び.研究したい…
・件名『オンライン道場 登録希望』
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②オンライン道場ページへアクセス 10/1公開
お手続きの際にオープン当日のご案内となる事、 お手数おかけしますが ご理解とご協力のほど、宜しくお願い申し上げます。
Please review the following information regarding the application process for the online dojo:
We apologize for the inconvenience, but the online website will be made available on the day of October 1st.
Here are the steps for the upcoming procedure:

1.Access our official website:

2. Access the online dojo page, which will be available on October 1st.

3. From there, you can provide your membership information, login details, and payment information.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during the registration process on the day of the launch.
Thank you.